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Self Portrait

I come from a very talented Puerto Rican Family (my mother an art teacher and my father an awarded commercial photographer). For many years I shied away from an inherent talent in photography but thankfully came to realize my potential once given the right amount of motivation. During my years living in Miami, I held the position as primary assistant to Wedding Photographer Amanda Julca. It's safe to say that through this venture as assistant photographer I got bit by the photography bug. I am so grateful for such great experience.

After a bit of international traveling, moving from México and then meeting my partner in crime and settling back in Puerto Rico, slowly but surely Freelance Photography materialized. Not only do I have the distinct joy to document amazing couples but also have the opportunity to work in commercial photography as well. My wedding work has taken me all over Puerto Rico, the US and is now expanding internationally. My commercial clients include AT&T, Direct TV, Free People and growing... 



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